Month: October 2020

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It’s Happening: Facebook Declares War on the Babylon Bee

On Tuesday, Facebook stood by its decision to demonetize the Christian satire site The Babylon Bee ov

Brian Stelter Mocked For Calling Cnn Colleague Jeffrey Toobin’s Masturbation Scandal An ‘Accident’

CNN’s go-to media reporter Brian Stelter has been widely criticized for not offering up the fu

Two Weeks Before The 2020 Election, Donald Trump Kicks Off Expensive Blitz Against Joe Biden Totaling $55 Million

What’s Happening: The media has made a big deal about how Biden outraised Trump over the summer. Bu

Franklin Graham Warns What a Biden-Harris Ticket Means for Christians and Abortion

Now that the Democratic ticket is set, we know a lot of things about where the party is in 2020. One

Flashback: Franklin Graham Calls Out Democratic Convention’s Troubling ‘Absence of God’

The Rev. Franklin Graham took to social media Thursday to call out Democrats for the “absence of Go

Schumer Says He Had ‘Long And Serious Talk’ With Feinstein After She Embraced Gop Sen. Graham At Barrett Hearings

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer told reporters that he had a “long and serious talk” with De

Jon Voight in a New Powerful Video: ‘Biden Is Evil. Trump Must Win.’

The video has reached 4ML people. Jon Voight explains why Trumo MUST win. Please, share it!

Kamala: I Want To Wish Happy Birthday. To Me.

On Tuesday, Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris went on Twitter to wish a happy birthd

Remembering: Melania Trump sends 150 boxed lunches to children’s research hospital

First lady Melania Trump donated 150 box lunches to a children’s research hospital in Mar